Salt Nicotine 100mg

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Salt Nicotine 100mg

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Recommended use for our Nicotine Salts:
10mg recommended for mech mods
25mg recommended for sub ohm at 20 watts
50mg recommended for pod refills at 1.6/1.8 ohm
Please advise: Hazmat Item: MUST be shipped by itself. DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR NORMAL SHIPPING RATES OR FREE SHIPPING.



Salt Nicotine WholesaleFDA Registered Lab

White Lightning Salt Nicotine is manufactured and distributed out of the state of the art lab in Jacksonville Florida. We are registered with the FDA.

Our Salt Nicotine is becoming the go to for mixers and users who want to create their own juices. You can appreciate the smooth hit at a much higher strength. Liquids may change color and this is normal as Salt Nicotine is a little more complex than pure Nicotine. We have some answers for some commonly asked questions about nicotine salt below.

  • What are Nicotine Salts?
    Nicotine salt is a liquid compound that has been modified from its freebase form to its salt form also known as its acidic form. This is not an actual solid “salts” like table salt we use to add to foods.
  • What is the purpose of Nicotine Salts?
    We wanted to provide a product to answer both the growing market for Nicotine Salts and for those desiring an even smoother vaping experience. Nicotine Salt itself is a great way to enhance your vaping experience by utilizing increased strengths of nicotine while having little to no harshness at all.
  • Are Nicotine Salts safe?
    Absolutely! All components in our formula, with the exception of Nicotine, are FEMA/GRAS food grade. Nicotine is USP grade.
  • How do you use nicotine salts?
    Nicotine Salts can be used in the same manner as traditional/freebase nicotine, the difference lies in the capabilities of what the Salt can deliver. With the common nicotine blends, there are natural properties that a normal nicotine solution carries that does not permit the ability to vape at a higher nicotine strength. Normal nicotine solutions also may not deliver something a smooth as one may desire but what the salt does is that it takes those desired features and combines them into one. Nicotine salts permit the ability to vape at a much higher nicotine strength without the extra harshness or throat hit that would traditionally occur if using normal nicotine solution. For those who do not want to vape at a higher nicotine strength, what the Salt provides is the smoothest vaping experience. At low concentrations like 3 or 6, using Nicotine Salts could easily cause one to overlook the presence nicotine in their juice because of how smooth the experience is.
  • How do I handle nicotine salts?
    Nicotine Salts should be treated with the same care as standard nicotine solutions. The same amount of nicotine is still present in the Nicotine Salt solution as compared to an equivalent standard nicotine solution.

Please advise: Hazmat Item: MUST be shipped by itself. DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR NORMAL SHIPPING RATES OR FREE SHIPPING.
Warning: Nicotine in all forms and strengths can be extremely dangerous to human health/safety if handled or used improperly. Always use caution and proper safety equipment when handling/mixing this product in any form (even if diluted).

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