Curevape Diet


Starter Kit Includes:
(1) Battery (400mAh)
(2) 1.8ml Tanks
(1) USB Cable (Micro USB to USB C)



We’ve all dieted at one time or another. We’ve cut portions and worked out four times a week and have ignored our own cravings for the sake of looking better and feeling better. But, sometimes the results aren’t there, and sometimes it’s harder than we want it be, and there has to a way to ourselves a little kick in the right direction when we need.This is where CureVape Diet comes in, which is a new way to cut calories and watch weight melt away. Made from a mix of Green Tea, L-Theanine, and Hoodia Gordonii, it’s our secret mixture that will have you looking good and feeling good in no time.

Just puff on CureVape Diet a few times when hunger strikes, and feel the need for food lift in real time and ease yourself back into whatever diet program you’re already working. Please note, though, that CureVape Diet is meant to supplement diet and exercise, not replace it.

And, although we stand by both the safety and efficacy of our product 100%, if you notice yourself feeling any unintended side effects, please cease using the product and contact your doctor.


All of our oil tanks are exclusively American-made and are only of the highest quality that an American product can provide. Each and every ingredient in CureVape Diet is sourced from the most-trusted names in pharmaceuticals, and we ensure that each and every batch is Diacetyl-free so there’s no fear of contracting the throat and lung diseases associated with inhalation of this common vaporizer additive.

In fact, the only things you’ll find in CureVape Diet are:

  • Propylene Glycol, USP, FCC
  • Glycerine, USP, FCC
  • Hoodia Gordoni, USP
  • Green Tea
  • L-Theanine

Also, all of our tanks are disposable and easily replaced, but we recommend not using the same tank for more than 10 consecutive days, as it may begin to lose potency.

Replacing your tanks

  1. Remove the old tank, as shown in the diagram below
  2. Insert the new tank, as shown in the diagram below

Using Your CureVape

CureVape has two distinct LED light indicators, three on the side and one on the bottom, that will turn blue while you’re using your CureVape. The side-mounted lights will also show you the charge level of your CureVape.

 NOTE: Please do not use a Fast Charger with the CureVape  battery.

How Does CureVape Work?

Your CureVape works by heating the oil within the tank to just the right temperature to be easily inhaled and absorbed into your body. And, because the ingredients do not have to be absorbed through regular digestion, you’ll feel the energizing effects of CureVape almost immediately. In fact, the only things you have to worry about are the freshness of your oil tank and when you’ll have to recharge—CureVape will take care of the rest.

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