Curevape Diet Tanks


This Refill Box Includes:
(4) 1.8ml Refillable Tanks

These will fit our CureVape or WhiteLightning battery.



We’ve all dieted at one time or another. We’ve cut portions and worked out four times a week and have ignored our own cravings for the sake of looking better and feeling better. But, sometimes the results aren’t there, and sometimes it’s harder than we want it be, and there has to a way to ourselves a little kick in the right direction when we need.This is where CureVape Diet comes in, which is a new way to cut calories and watch weight melt away. Made from a mix of Green Tea, L-Theanine, and Hoodia Gordonii, it’s our secret mixture that will have you looking good and feeling good in no time.

Just puff on CureVape Diet a few times when hunger strikes, and feel the need for food lift in real time and ease yourself back into whatever diet program you’re already working. Please note, though, that CureVape Diet is meant to supplement diet and exercise, not replace it.

And, although we stand by both the safety and efficacy of our product 100%, if you notice yourself feeling any unintended side effects, please cease using the product and contact your doctor.

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