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The cannabis plant contains about 85 cannabinoids, with the two most common being CBD and THC. While THC is what is responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive properties, Cannabidiol (CBD), is non-psychoactive and comes with a lot of healing properties. CBD isolate is what it sounds like: the extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant so that the subsequent product is “pure” lab tested CBD.  The most common and safest kind of extraction process is CO2 extraction, which leaves no residue or additives.  The unwanted plant material is removed from the extraction, giving you a concentrated CBD isolate, which amplifies the healing properties of the cannabinoid.

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CBD is responsible for a large bulk of the therapeutic qualities of the plant, and it has no psychotropic effects. Marijuana users who are solely interested in the medicinal value of cannabis may find CBD isolate to be an extremely appealing form of the product. If you’re looking for a CBD rich product, it intuitively makes sense to consume a product that is only CBD, right?

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For a long time we’ve had many customers ask us about CBD Vape Juice, as we are a full service vape company we decided to formulate a solution. After months of testing and formulating, the result is USA CBD Vape. Made by vapers for vapers, and the go to for vape tricksters. We are proud of the end result, and our customers are happier and mellower.

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