Common Terms for New Vape Users

With fellow community members, we have put together a small of common terms you may run into in the vaping world.

Mod: The electronic nicotine delivery device
-best for beginners-
Regulated mod: Has safety’s and settings are often controlled by a special computer chip and the user

-intermediate vapers-
Temperature control: Has many settings and holds a coil at a certain preset (by the user) temperature

-advanced users-
Mechanical mod: No safety’s and battery power levels control how a coil hits. No electronic controls whatsoever, just a metal tube
Squonking: Squeeze a bottle built into a mod in order to add e-liquid to the coil via a tube that goes through the 510 of the mod and into a bottom fed atomizer
510: The part of the mod you screw the atomizer onto

-new way to quit smoking-
Pod system: Prebuilt coils in compact devices that are refillable or not. Often used for MTL vaping of salt nic liquid

PG: Propylene glycol (carries flavor and responsible for some “throat hit”)
VG: Vegetable glycerin (makes clouds)
Juice: E-liquid, normally a mixture of VG/PG and flavoring

MTL: mouth to lung
DTL: direct to lung

Freebase nicotine: Nicotine suspended in pg/vg most often extracted from a plant to be used in the creating of e-liquid
Salt nicotine (salt nic): Nicotine that is in its purist form (resembles salt) and used as an additive to juices to make them stronger and more clean tasting

Gauge: Size of wire. Smaller number is thicker bigger number is smaller
Build: Type of coil in an atomizer
Building: Act of creating a coil by wrapping wire around a tool to make a cylindrical shape

  • Kanthal: wire to be used in wattage mode.
  • Nichrome 80/90: wire to be used in wattage mode
  • Nickel 200 (ni200): wire to be used in only temp control
  • Stainless steel: wire to be used in wattage or temp control
  • Titanium: wire to be used in temp control mode

Voltage: Amount of electricity flowing through a coil
Wattage: Another way to regulate electricity through a coil (most common)
Coil: The heating element used to vaporize the e-liquid
Ohm: The resistance of a coil determined by mass and length of wire. Should be within safe limits of a device for safe use
Atomizer: The part of the electronic nicotine device that evaporates the e-liquid into a vapor and carries the nicotine and flavoring in small particles to the lungs
Topper: One of the following 5 items

  • Rebuildable dripping atomizer: rda
  • Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer: rdta
  • Rebuildable squonking atomizer: rsa
  • Rebuildable tank atomizer: rta
  • Prebuilt coil tank: tank/prebuilt/prebuilt tank

Pass through: Can plug a nicotine delivery device directly into a power cord and charge the battery’s while also vaping on said device
Bay charger: Charges batteries externally from the mod -best and safest way to charge a battery-
Internal battery: Device that has a non-removable battery that must be charged via a usb cable
Common battery types:

  • 18350: 18mm wide 35mm long circular lithium ion battery
  • 18650: 18mm wide 65mm long circular lithium ion battery
  • 20650: 20mm wide 65mm long circular lithium ion battery
  • 20700: 20mm wide 70mm long circular lithium ion battery
  • 21700: 21mm wide 70mm long circular lithium ion battery
  • 26650: 26mm wide 65mm long circular lithium ion battery

Purging: When you blow out through the atomizer while the coils get to optimum temperature to produce the most vapor and flavor possible. It is only for rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) rebuildable squonking atomizers (RSA) and rebuildable dripping tank atomizers (RDTA). If you use it with a prebuilt coil tank or a rebuildable tank (RTA) you will cause the cotton to dry out and burn at a faster rate making you need new coils/cotton at a faster rate. This method of heating the coil is mainly used for mechanical devices because they do not have a wattage or voltage control option, if you have a regulated device you can simply turn the wattage/voltage up

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